Light up your business, light up your safety

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icon-Light poles

Light poles

GR technics sells and rents out mobile light poles. Choose your light pole with steel cage or fully sealed box. The light poles can always be moved, are stable and simple to erect, and easily transportable by trailer. Mix and match.

  • With Tech LED 300w
  • With Matrix LED 150w
  • With balloon lighting 600w
  • Without or with generator, battery


Want to light up your business? We offer the safest work lighting for any site. Examples include lighting generators, construction crane lighting, light balloons, car park lighting and site lamps. Sustainable thanks to 100% LED lighting.

icon-Safety lighting

Safety lighting

Want to light up your safety? Discover our powerful signalling light for safety situations and incidents. A wide range of mobile LED lighting for the fire service, civil protection, construction, events, etc.

icon-Camera poles

Camera poles

The purchase of a mobile camera pole in light pole container? Temporary (extending) poles are ideal for camera surveillance, lighting, measuring equipment, controls, LED display and antennas. Simple to transport thanks to our StaLiCo transporter.

icon-Balloon lighting

Balloon lighting

The purchase of balloon lighting on a stand or assembled on a light pole? Mobile balloon lighting is easy to erect and move. Increases visibility and safety on your site with the unique 360° light beam.

icon-Power hybrid battery solar

Power hybrid battery solar

The rental or purchase of a battery pack or hybrid generator? We power all light poles and camera poles. See our different hybrid systems with poles working independently on a site without power supply.