Street LED+ 120w

The Street LED+ has a very modern appearance with its simple and very thin design. This lamp has very powerful heat extraction with its fine structure. It is IP66 certified. The Street LED+ is highly suitable for temporary street lighting, car parks and internal roads. Ideal for assembly on our stationary battery towers. Its simple design means the Street LED+ is easy to install and maintain. It also has a wide range of wattage so the light can be used for different applications.

  • Light output: >14,400 lumen from 120W light fitting
  • LED chip: Philips 3030
  • Light fitting: fully IP66
  • Guarantee: 5 years
  • Voltage protection: 10KV

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Coupling pole

The most practical and handy light, camera and Atex pole on the market!

This COUPLING POLE can be used in series to connect a number of poles to each other. The convenient handles and large wheels make the trolley easy to move.

The versatility is unique!

You can connect the following: LED lights, cameras or ATEX lamps. There is also room for 2 batteries. Ideal when you want to use this COUPLING POLE independently with an emergency power supply and evacuation. You very easily transport this compact pole in a van so you can drive through any door opening. With the pallet size no fewer than 32 can be transported at one time.

With this mobile pole GR technics offers a revolutionary solution for quick action and poorly accessible places.

STALICO Standard

The STALICO light pole is erected without extra concrete ballast being required. The STALICO light container is produced from hot-dip galvanised steel making it time- and weather-resistant. As standard the STALICO light pole container is fitted with powerful 150W LED MATRIX lamps. The STALICO light pole container is also available without lamps or with a lamp unit with higher light output. The assembled lamps distribute a pleasant white light. The light pole containers work on 230 V and can be switched per two lamps. The user can connect the STALICO LED light poles to one power point in sixes.

This light pole is supplied with inspection certificate NEN-EN50110/NEN3140.


The STALICO Box is a mobile and temporary extending pole useable in various sectors from industry, construction, sports, events, security, infrastructure works, and civil purposes to amusement parks. The STALICO Box can be moved, stacked and hoisted. It is also very stable and can be erected by one person. This type of camera pole protects all equipment in a closed box.


STALICO CO² Neutral Ecolight 8.5 m

The STALICO Co2 Neutral Ecolight is the most sustainable light pole on the market. Ideal for lighting without generator, filling up or power supply for independent and noiseless use on the move. With a battery of for example 720 Ah 48 V, this light pole guarantees up to 100 hours of autonomous operation and the most CO-neutral lighting of your site. The innovative light pole container can be moved, stacked and hoisted. It is very stable and can be erected by one person.