Peli 9480 RALS

The Peli 9480 RALS Remote Area Light is a portable LED lighting system with a built-in battery. Thanks to its powerful battery, the Peli 9480 RALS has an autonomy of 6 hours at high consumption and 28 hours at low consumption. When the lamp is switched on, it acts as a signal light to, for example, dangerous objects or situations. The lamp head can be turned in the direction of the object to be illuminated. The Bluetooth technology allows you to control the lamp from your IPhone. This intervention lighting is used by: road construction, shipping, construction, railways, aviation, emergency services, military, events, recreation and rental companies. A 230V charger and nylon carrying strap is included.

  • Specifications :
  • 8 x High Flux LED's
  • Light beam 125°
  • Battery : 12V SLA chargeable 
  • Lumen : 4000 (high) - 1000 (low)
  • Burn time : 6 hours (high) - 28 hours (low)
  • Charging time : 8 hours (after fully discharged)
  • Dimensions : L39,5cm x B16,5cm x H26cm
  • Max. height : 60cm
  • Weight : 12,5kg
  • Lifespan : approx. 50.000 burning hours