ATEX Light EVL-100

The new EVL-100 LED lighting was developed with the purpose of enhancing compactness, versatility and installation thanks to the new ‘COB' (ChipOnBoard) LED lighting.  It has Multichip LED formed by a matrix of LEDs that are connected to each other and covered with a layer of phosphorous. With this technology one obtains high light output at a low height, without the risk of disturbing the user. The EVL-100 consists of four light fittings. The LEDs are highly suitable for all spaces where one normally uses vapour lamps of a low and average capacity over 400W. The light fitting, made of an aluminium alloy, has fins for cooling with the fast and efficient dispersal of the heat generated. The uniformity of the cooling body was designed to minimise falling flammable dust, so the light fitting cleans itself in the presence of water or air. With the absence of UV emissions there is also no ionization of air particles around the light fitting. This property of LED technology limits the attraction of dust and insects. The design of the light fitting means that besides being very sustainable, high lighting efficiency is ensured. The electrical connection is more simple thanks to an 'Ex e' terminal housing which facilitates input with an 'Ex e' swivel nut (no obstruction). An opening allows the connection of the wiring.

  • LED 154w
  • 11.2 kg
  • 19,125 lumen
  • Explosion-proof connection box
  • Hardened glass
  • Impact-resistant
  • Suitable for zones 1, 2, 21, 22
  • Replaces traditional vapour lamps over 400w
  • Saves on energy, maintenance and installation costs
  • Instant clear light
  • Suitable for GAS category IIC

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